Hunting with CWO


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Goose and Crane Hunting

Goose Hunts

Goose hunting in West Texas is some of the best around. We have averaged over 20 birds per hunt for the past two seasons. We use top of the line decoys with layout blinds for comfort. Hunts are conducted over wheat, corn, milo, or peanut fields within 1 1/2 hours from Lubbock Texas. We kill mainly Canada geese but do get are fair share of Snow geese and a few Specklebelly’s. ¬†We do kill are fair share of Greater Cananda’s in this area. There is also a chance of killing ducks before the geese start.

If you have 6 guns or more you will not be mixed. Price breaks can occur when groups hunt more than one day.

Price: $200 per gun

Crane Hunts

Crane hunting in West Texas is some of the best around. We hunt crane over a playa lake or greain field. We have property all over West Texas and some fields will hold over 10,000 birds. Geese and Crane are often harvested in the same hunt. Lead can be shot at crane as long as we are shooting crane only. Steel BB’s is what we recomend if we are shooting geese and crane.

Price: $175 per gun
Combo hunt: $200 (Geese, Crane, Ducks) over a playa lake